Wednesday, October 13, 2010

matt gawa - bA

released 2010

this was sent to be by a member of the band awhile back...blah blah blah as i'm timely with the postings of it is

picture this: someone sitting in a room full of guitar pedals and wanting to use all of them...and then asking a drummer to come and lay down some free jazz beats while doing so

both members of the band have worked with members of fugazi...sheer terror...peter brotzmann...the stooges...sun ra...bardo pond...

this is what greg ginn might've turned black flag into had he smoked more pot

DL: bA


skullgrid said...

this is awesome. better late than never i guess lol. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ginn had that cool clear guitar. It is fun to rip and encode and download Black Flag and Metallica mpeethreez since they are haters.

Anonymous said...

man! great to see this band get some props on here! just so you know- the band is called Matta Gawa! its japanese for 'river of time,' or depending upon how you pronounce it 'crotch pelt'

Anonymous said...

hey there,
any chance for a re-up?
this album is not to be found anywhere else ?

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