Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Throat - Good Times

Label: self released
Year: 2009

This little gem comes hot off the Shiny Grey Monotone message board (is that what it's called?) from a guy going by the name "slugpace", who's mother must be so proud right now, and whom I would assume to be a member of said band. He described the music as being influenced by Godflesh, Tad, 16, Unsane, Fudge Tunnel, Sweet Tooth, and Distorted Pony among others, so I was (bi)curious enough to take a listen, and lo and behold, it actual does sound like those bands.
In fact, the first song reeks of Godflesh.
The second song has a distinct 16 vibe.
The third song is more or less Unsane worship, which then morphs into a crushing Grief-ish molten meltdown with Tad styled vocals sprinkled on top.
The fourth song seems like Tad playing a Helmet cover.
And the final jam gets back into 16 territory, all crunchy riffs, misanthropic bellows, and E strings pulled to within an inch (centimeter for my new Finnish brethren) of their lives.
They have a new record coming out on Kult Nihilow later this year, they deliver on their promises to play dirty, heavy, gnarled music, the likes of which are always appreciated around here (gesturing a circle about my own head), so I command thee to check out this tape, and then buy their new 7" when it comes out. If you liked the kind of metal-y noise rock that seemed to come out of New York City circa 1992, I'm looking at you Loudspeaker, Crawlpappy, Die 116, Helmet, and your nefarious pals, then you will like this. Fair? Fair.
Thank you to Mr. Slugpace for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

linky no worky

Jukka/Throat said...

Thanks a lot for posting this!

Haf said...

Thanks for all you work man. This is an awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Is it like a cross between OG Kush and Blue Dream? Wow!

Hanan said...

wasn't digging the vox on the first track but the rest fucking slay. thanks for this!

shindler's fist said...

Love how the band logo in the lower right looks like a Pub Slop records logo. Hee hee *giggle*

Anonymous said...

nice. I LIKE it.

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