Thursday, September 2, 2010

pugs - bite the red knee

released 1997

you folks may recall me asking about this album awhile back over in the forum

and again...i took it upon myself to lay down the $4 over at

and then i'd forgotten that i'd bought the cd

as i was digging around on a shelf i came across it...and was all like "awwwman!"...and then immediately got to uploading it

i'd seen these fellas (and lady) at the tinley park,il stop of lollapalooza back in 1997 (sigh...remember when lollapalooza was awesome?)...and as soon as they were done...i promptly bought a cd (which then somehow made it's way out of my apartment about a week later)

i'm not gonna go into my usual spouting off about the album...but if you like melt banana (though not as spastic)...some early b52s...

actually...that's all you need to know

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

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Addy Goldberg said...

This is really awesome stuff, but I'm having some trouble getting the second part of it. Maybe I'm just bad at this sort of thing?

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