Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mayyors - Megan's LOLZ 7"

Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

From the request line, here's some Mayyors, who turn out to be a favorite of mine as well. This band knows how to take an old punk song and smother it in blown-out noise, giving it a whole new life. I hate to use the word "exciting" cause it sounds so innocent, but in this case it fits, Mayyors are an exciting band. Or, they were an exciting, as they are currently just a glimmer in your rearview mirror.
The Megan's LOLZ 7" was limited to 300, you go.


ipecac said...

sweet...i just found a new computer background/tattoo/something to paint over my bed

kittyempire said...

Awesome, thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's not working... advice?

Gray said...

works fine for me, try again, sometimes Mediafire can be squirrelly.

Anonymous said...

I managed to get it working... had to change the file to a zip file (it didn't download as one), then just pull the files out while it was zipped (it wouldn't extract)... it was all a bit weird.

That's some wonderfully fuzzy stuff, Thanks!

Gooboy666 said...

Nice one Gray.This band just killed it.Closest thing to Oiler I'd heard in years.Overblown bass leads and superfuzz vox.If you want the definitive Mayyors track check out "Clicks" off the Deads ep.Guaranteed to fry yer speakers and yer brain.

Anonymous said...

here's all 3 of their records.

MAYYORS - "Marines Dot Com" 7 inch and "Megans LOLZ" 7 inch

MAYYORS - "Deads" 12 inch

Anonymous said...

hey guys, any possibilities to repost it? thanks in advance!

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