Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crooked Fingers - Live - Casbah - 11-05-04

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

Isn't there a line of advertising that says, "the softer side of Sears"? There is, right? Yeah, well, consider this one, "the softer side of Gray".
Not that I should need to apologize for advocating Crooked Fingers, but I do realize it is out of character for this blog, and possibly for me as a character of this blog (...but if you only really new how tender I was...). You can handle this though...WE can handle this...TOGETHER. Take my hand, we'll make it I swear (where have I heard that before?).
Any-crap. This week is "Country Week" on NPR's Fresh Air show (big ups to Terry Gross!), and on my drive home from my son's soccer practice (not only am I Father-Of-The-Year, I'm also the assistant coach...I make winners!), we had to stop and get some food before heading to the house, point being, it was a long commute. During that time Fresh Air was replaying a Willie Nelson interview from a few years back, and a Waylon Jennings (rip) interview from 2002. As Waylon was talking and they were playing some of his old jams, it dawned on me how similar Crooked Fingers can be to the late 60's/early 70's "Outlaw Country" dudes. Yes, I realize it's not an exact duplication, but the spirit is the same. A distinct and rugged voice tells cautionary narratives about losers, fuck-ups, or bad times over rich guitar chords. Same shit. Take a listen and think about those country greats while you do, then get back to me and let me know if I'm crazy.
The first time I ever saw Crooked Fingers was at the Casbah there in San Diego when it was just Eric Bachmann with the backing band of Empire State Games, and he slayed all over that place. It was almost a year to the date after Archers of Loaf had laid waste to the Casbah on their farewell victory lap tour, and while Crooked Fingers is a different trip, as an Eric Bachmann fan, I was floored.
The sound quality is muy excellante!


Anonymous said...

muy excelente ;)

thanks for this.

Gray said...

Please pardon my Spanglish.

Anonymous said...

Would love if you re-upped this. They made better music live than on any of their recordings. Can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
PS is the larimer lounge bootleg as good?

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