Monday, August 2, 2010

swans - filth

released 1983

seeing as how the weather is kinda crappy ( is here anyway)...what better way to celebrate than with a swans album

i remember randomly picking this up on cassette back in the early 90's at a disc jockey...i had never heard of the band before that day...maybe it was the cover that got me...maybe it was the $1.99 price tag...who knows...but i came to find out that by playing this in a room of made the population dwindle by at least track 2

this is definitely some no wave music

so if you like some killing joke...some early godflesh...some big black...some einsturzende neubauten...

you get the idea

DL: filth


Anonymous said...

this album rules

myhand.thanx records said...

great no wave album indeed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

...and maybe this too? :D


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