Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Labradford - Prazision

Label: Kranky
Year: 1993

A lot of firsts here, the first release by Labradford, the first release from Kranky, and the first time I am trying to upload a RAR file as opposed to a simple zip file. Cross your fingers.
Tonight, I was reading to my kids (because I'm the motherfucking father of the goddamn year!) and they selected the story Stellaluna, which is about a bat raised by birds, only to re-discover that she is actually a bat when she meets up with (spoiler alert!) the mother she thought was dead. It's a nice story, but probably more interesting to a 4 and 6 year old than a 35 year old. Maybe. More interesting is a couple pages at the end of the book containing factual information about bats, what they do, where they live, and other basic bat shit (not literal bat shit, guano, but more "shit about bats"). We talked about bats for awhile this evening before I tucked them in and said my goodnights. Afterwards it dawned on me, this very Labradford album had been playing the whole time we were reading and discussing bats, and it turned out to be a pretty perfect soundtrack. Bat music. Or music to accompany bat talk, or something like that.

Re-up'd as zip files...to avoid further scorn. 08-18-10


Matt said...

DL doesn't work for this one for me.

Love the site!

Anonymous said...


ipecac said...


grAy has been notified

so if you'll just drop the furniture and poo...things will get back to normal

or "normal"

we'll just have to see how things turn out

Gray said...

Alright, I'll try and re-up it this evening when I get home.
Sorry about that everyone, but sometimes you win, and sometimes you get yelled out on the internet by anonymous people.

Anonymous said...


Douglee said...

You had me at Labradford

gilbert gump said...

Winrar will do tar, zip, rar files. No need to panic (shot out to GBH). Ima download this and check it out on the fast machine. Thanky.

dilbert dullard said...

If it gives you any trouble right click on the zip and select open with then choose the program. Usually 7zip or winrar.

00100 said...

Next time play Jim Trainor's "The Bat" for the kiddos. Also, Zip files are ball crushers.

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