Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fluid - Freak Magnet

Label: Glitterhouse
Year: 1988

I love this record. There, okay, now you have it.
Good night.

What? More?
Ugh. Fine. Alright, here goes. This is a seven song ep, which is a goodly enough amount of time to hit it and quit it before you hit the filler material. Secondly, this has The Fluid at their rocking-ist best, all swagger and Mudhoney-like. Difference being, while Mudhoney seems to get most of their chops from The Stooges, The Fluid get most of theirs from Grand Funk (and also, Mudhoney) giving their (for lack of a better word) grunge a more poppy, classic rock steel-o. Four of these songs ended up on Clear Black Paper, and one song ended up (as a different version) on the Colorado Krew II comp.

That seems like plenty. Good night now....for reals.


thegayscientist said...

hey is your email address not working anymore? this is will from gay scientist recordings, we wanted to send you info on our new release but got bounced back. can you email us at ? that'd rule.

Gray said...

You're trying to email me? Or Ipecac? Probably Ipecac, right? He's the more social one.
I'm sure he will email you, if he hasn't done so already.

gibbs said...

I was downloading some Hanoi Rocks then stopped by SGM and saw this. Love that first Mudhoney record sound. It sounds great on loud speakers not just phones or pc speakers.

g-spot said...

One of my favorite local bands, but I never did hear this one. Muchas graciazz.

Bob y Ana said...

Their cut on the Colorado Krew III comp is a 4 track recording and it was mixed the day the record was mastered.

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