Wednesday, July 28, 2010

u.s. maple - 5.28.04 - the casbah - san diego,ca

u.s. maple: like shorty...but drunker

1 - my lil' shocker
2 - letter to zz top
3 - babe
4 - rice ain't afraid of nothing
5 - bumps & guys
6 - dumb in the wings
7 - more horror
8 - sweet and center
9 - la click

DL: u.s. maple@the casbah


cdlv said...

excellent! thanks for this one.

phil said...

howdy - any chance of reposting track 6, please? i've dlded it twice with the same result... many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, same issue with #6. This is great though, thanks for it!

breese78 said...

Thanks for the post.

Track 6 is corrupt for me too. Any chance of a reupload?

Mars said...

It speaks volumes about the pure dirtitude of SGM that you use SHORTY to sell US Maple to your readership!

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