Friday, July 23, 2010

tinsel teeth - pink eye

released 2010

as requested...we present you with tinsel teeth's (lesser known) first full length

and as you probably know...this band will always be backed by SGM

actually...if this blog were a would be tinsel teeth's frontwoman,stephanie

the band also recently released another full length that goes by the name of TRASH AS THE TROPHY...and that may or may not find it's onto SGM...i mean...we can't just hand you everything

and seeing as how some folks aren't getting a track listing:

1 - mirror mirror
2 - captain antagonist
3 - a farewell to architecture
4 - post modern posture
5 - deadweight
6 - into the setting sea
7 - carpathicorn
8 - vertigo inferno
9 - bone orchard
10 - full metal palette

DL: pink eye


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Gooboy666 said...

Thanx much 4 this.Now you need to jump on some of the Nominal/Grotesque Modern releases!

Inpu said...


Anonymous said...

is there a track list available?

ipecac said...

you're welcome everyone

SGM likes to treat you like the queens you are

as for a track listing...the titles of the songs should already be there

Anonymous said...

it is not there

Anonymous said...

reupload please?

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