Monday, July 19, 2010

Shit And Shine - 229-2299 Girls Against Shit

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2009

This came out in an edition of 1000, and I believe it's sold out, but if that's incorrect, somebody tell me, and I'll take this link down.
Legalities out of the way.
The main man behind Todd, Craig Clouse, is also the man behind this ensemble, and one could suppose he started this band because Todd was too "straightforward"? Whereas Todd can easily drop you with their bombastic riffage, Shit And Shine would rather mow you over and pin you down with their scathing mechanized drones. The word "pummeling" certainly springs to mind. Elements of industrial music are overdriven beyond most tolerance levels, then bored into your ears like the most unwelcome of house guests, "Hello, what are you having for dinner, you don't mind if I piss in your potted plants do you? You got a dog around here, cause, boy am I feeling randy? By the way I accidentally punched a few holes in your walls, and that dude that lives next door, yeah, he seemed like a real asshole so I punched him too. That was your boss? Oh...oh well, fuck it, sounds like you got tomorrow off, let's get hammered and go pick up some trim."
That dude.
Anyway, this is a punisher of a record, but I recommend it highly. If you like things like Rusted Shut, this one's for you. Get it and try to resist the urge to bang your face against the counter a few times.


the horse doctor said...

ttOtally fucking AWESOME! i want to punch a car after listening to that. i will fight every fucking car on the road and rip holes in peopless faces with my metal teeth FUCK

kittyempire said...

Had this one a while... an aural kick in the bollocks, if you will. Anything from that Todd/Part Chimp/Hey Colossus axis is fucking gold really. Shit And Shine is like their retarded cousin.

This reminds me in parts of the the noise band Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, which is well worth your time also.

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