Monday, July 12, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Throbbing Organ

Label: Parts Unknown
Year: 2004

a) Pissed Jeans are a quality band
b) Parts Unknown is a quality label

Done and done, right? Right.
Pissed Jeans do a convincing version of Drunks With Guns covering mid-period Black Flag, and friends, that's hard to come by these days. There's a good group of bands currently operating within this genre (classic hardcore by way of classic noise rock), Pissed Jeans maybe being the best of them. Although...shit...maybe not, there's Hawks, and Drunkdriver, and Slices...and...well fuck, you can't really have a "favorite band" now can you you? That'd be queer.



Awesome. Thanks! You don't have the liquor bike/milkmine split 7" with Milkmine's Baptism on it do you? Baptism is better than anything on Braille. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, is this a digital download or something? I didn't know this came out on anything other than a 7", and these sound way too good to be from vinyl (too bad about being 128kbps though).

kittyempire said...

You cannot go wrong with Pissed Jeans. Also, cheers for the Slices stuff a little while back. It was choice.

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