Wednesday, June 23, 2010

National Skyline - Exit Now

Label: File 13
Year: 2001

After Hum (and much...after Poster Children), bassist Jeff Dimpsey decided to do a solo project that would be fleshed out by other musicians from the fertile Campaign-Urbana music scene. So not really a "solo" project then by any technical definition of the word "solo". More of a new band, but with the intent of a revolving cast. As is the case with most revolving cast bands, or collectives, or whatever you want to call them, the project coalesces around a couple of people, the dead weight is shed and a true band is formed. And that's just what happened here.
In this case, the band coalesced around Dimpsey, Jeff Garber of Castor, and Jim Minor of Compound Red.
Not bad.
This particular ep is four songs and the first two are sorta out of character for the band, one sounded like "modern rock", the other sounding like mellow Beck. The second two songs sound more like what most folks would associate with National Skyline, that sound being a shimmering shoegaze by way of Nineties Mid-West emo (The Cure meets Castor?). I think the first two songs are fine, and you can handle them. I have the utmost faith in you and your abilities as a listener.
Go forth.


Employee said...

still keep this and This=Everything in standard rotation. Good post.

Robert stokes said...

I am in a gang so you best recognize.


Monty said...

just discovered this blog...I have an erection... ...currently on the gramophone - Negative Reaction - 'endofyorerror'...HATE!!!!

Sebastian said...

Fondest of their first self-titled EP. The one that sounds like Beck on this EP is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

NS is always lovely...

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