Monday, June 7, 2010

Doppler - Si Nihil Aliud

Label: XIII Bis
Year: 2003

I've been listening to this one a lot lately, and that's a pretty good endorsement, not because my taste is impeccable, but more because I listen to the same shit I've always listened to since, like the 5th grade, and rarely make the effort to allow something "new" into the fold. "New" being a relative term here.
Musically, this French wrecking crew get busy with an Unsane meets Sicbay, or Johnboy meets Colossamite styled attack. It's driving and raucous, but seems well planned out and deliberate in it's tempo shifting attacks. It's basically "noise rock" personified...or audio-fied, or whatever the right word for that process might be. It's fuckin' good is all. How about that? Fuckin' good.
I toast these gentlemen with a fistful of freedom fries, and a luke warm cup of Franzia! Hail!


kittyempire said...

Sounds good, downloading now!

Anonymous said...

very cool stuff! and the guys can actually play too...

Anonymous said...

happened upon your blog from beyond failure. Found this. Made my day. wow, thanks a lot!

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