Tuesday, May 18, 2010

vertigo - self-titled

released 1990

i was wandering about the local pawn shop the other day...when this caught my eye

and at first i was all like "um...am i seeing things?...am i actually seeing an amphetamine reptile album in a pawn shop?...in this pawn shop?...in this town?"

you see...in the area i live in...how can i put this...let's just say seeing this album in that pawn shop is equal to seeing liberace (then and now) at an nra meeting

know what i mean?

so i did my civic duty and saved this from it's surroundings

something told me that vertigo didn't want to get jiggy with will smith...they didn't want to be next door to toby keith...or have to stare at the backstreet boys any longer...this was not their neighborhood

so the $2.50 was laid upon the counter...and out we went

and i'm going to assume that since you come around SGM every so often...you've already got a grasp on what these folks sound like

and if you're a fan of cover songs...the album opens up with a cover of the song "fire escape" by the australian post-punk band the scientists

so now it's your turn for you to do your civic duty

DL: vertigo

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Anonymous said...

nice find! such a good album.

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