Thursday, May 20, 2010

nomeansno - the infamous scientist 45

released 1993

everyone knows who nomeansno are...yeah?

if not...get acquainted...NOW

this is one of them "unofficial releases"

7" of vinyl...2 songs recorded during the early 80's

go know you want this...we won't tell anyone

DL: the infamous scientist 45


JB said...

A little Nomeansno is always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Seen these in '91 @ TJ's. Cracking gig cos when the crowd were jumping somebody bumped into the singers mic stand. There was a loud "BOK" through the PA and the singer sported a black eye for the rest of the gig.
Well funny t'was.

peskypesky said...

heard of them. never heard them. will take a listen.

Anonymous said...

saw these guys with victims family, great show.

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