Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milemarker - Future Isms

Label: Point The Blame
Year: 1998

The Calvin Krime post from a few minutes ago (remember's right down there...just below this one) prompted this current Milemarker post from right now (remember're in it right the end of your eyeballs). The bands share a similar world view, if not completely similar sonics. Both emerged from the world of punk and hardcore, and both embraced the post-hardcore and emo sounds of the era to create something to penetrate the dwindling attention spans of college age people everywhere.
If you're from North Carolina (and praise sweet Jesus if you are), you may remember Milemarker member Al Burian from his time in Hellbender previous to this. Or maybe you would have remembered Milemarker member Ben Davis from his time in Sleepytime Trio previous to this. Not ringing a bell? Okay, well then maybe you would travel into the future to remember Milemarker member Dave Laney's work in Challenger or this band.

*Turns out Stickfigure Records (right here in my backyard) has the re-released cd version of this record still for sale. You can purchase it direct from them..


Anonymous said...

I am from North Carolina... I remember Milemarker... Al Burian (ha!)..... whoa

Gray said...

North Cackalacka in the house! If you tell me you're from Winston-Salem, I will reach through this computer and kiss your lips.

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