Saturday, May 29, 2010

colony of watts - obtaining fire with box and drill

released 2007

seeing as how these folks were name dropped in the russell hall interview...why not post some of their stuff

they shared a member with the united sons of toil (in the form of original drummer chad burnett...who played both drums and guitar in this band)

this was their half of a split they did with a band called the suit

musically...they share a lot with tusot

if you like bands such as shellac...six finger satellite...the jesus lizard...(well... practically any band found on this here blog) what comes natural (no no...not that)

DL: obtaining fire with box and drill


Rusty said...

And one of the bass players in The Suit is Jon Terrones who played with me in Pound WI and was in the very first, primordial United Sons of Toil practices.

ipecac said...

i picture fire and loincloths being present at those practices

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