Saturday, May 1, 2010

Black Eyes - Black Eyes

Label: Dischord
Year: 2003

Sometimes you forget that Dischord never stopped releasing good records, even after what seemed to be a dry spell in the very late 1990's into the 2000's. Certainly there must have been good records in that time period as well, but it seems that they had fallen out of my own fickle favor, and therefore I missed out on whatever they were or were not doing. Or at least I missed out on a lot of it.
Lately, out of some sense of allegiance to the label that provided so many great records in my younger, leaner days, I decided to check out some of those releases I missed out on a few years ago. And sure, some of it is...uh...bad? And yes, a lot of it carries a similar aesthetic, as in Black Eyes sound like Q And Not U, or El Guapo, or Faraquet, but that's not really all that different from the Dischord of the 1980's is it? And it should be noted that all of the bands I just mentioned still bear the sonic fingerprints of Fugazi, who's overarching shadow is a tough one to get out from under as a post-punk band playing in D.C.
So, if you are anything like me (and in my egotistical brain you are), take this opportunity to check back in on your former favorite record label, and maybe discover something you like as much as that Happy Go Licky record (and by the way, this is certainly better that Fidelity Jones, or Beefeater...just sayin').


Anonymous said...

oh i totally agree with your words 100%. I drifted off but find myself listening to Dischord stuff a hell of a lot these days like i did in early 90's. And Fidelity Jones was a downside.

i'll check this for sure. Thanks. And for reading my mind.

mr.A said...

Shame these guys are no more... they are awesome!!!

David Balderdash said...

I have 'Cough' and at one time owned this one. Since I refuse to rebuy albums anymore, I'm excited as hell to see this. Thanks very much.

proven hollow said...

this was an excellent surprise of an album when it came out. young punk kid music on dischord? crazy. anyway, this was good. their second album, was not. it was quite bad. and when i saw them live i quickly realized i am indeed an old man who is not interested and never was interested in impromptu punk drum circles and trombone circles during a set. or "getting naked", although i remember that being quite the fashion at athens shows of yesteryear.


this first black eyes record was good. also roundabouts the same time, the first medications ep and album were also good. so for a second, dischord seemed to be getting its groove back. but now, back to the suck.

Anonymous said...

First, Thanks! It sounds like "The Dischord All Stars" play old Chrome. Really a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

If you like Black Eyes, you'd do well to check out the band Mi Ami -- it's two members of BE (the fuzzed-out bass played and the squaky guitarist/vocalist) who relocated to the west coast, and they retain the manic noisiness/energy of their previous band with longer pieces and more grooves. Total beasts live, too.

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