Thursday, May 6, 2010

Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa

Label: Bad Trip
Year: 1982

Do you like to dig holes on a hot day? How about laying sod? Shoveling gravel? That sound fun? Cause it totally fucking is! It's awesome, about as awesome as unemployment! Yeah!
After a long, sweaty, dirty, shitty day of that crap I just mentioned, I really need to turn off the ole bean (you know, because I was doing all that heavy thinking while swinging a pick axe) and hear something as brain-dead as I feel.
Helloooooo Angry Samoans!
I contend this is some of the best, but for whatever reason ignored, first wave of hardcore shit out there. Rivals anything Circle Jerks, Adolescents, or Dead Kennedys were doing (please note: I did not say it rivaled Black Flag....because nothing rivals Black Flag!). If you don't have this (maybe you weren't born yet?), or haven't heard it in awhile, please do yourself the favor of putting on tracks, "Ballad Of Jerry Curlan", "Light's Out", or "My Old Man's A Fatso", and turning them shits all the way up, then close your eyes and bask in the awesome stupidity that only Angry Samoans can provide. Bask in it!
Now, get some rest, you got a long day of laying stone pavers ahead of you tomorrow.


cdb said...

love this shit

proven hollow said...

back in the day, "before i was a punk rocker" and i was just your average skateboarder who was waaaaay into the cure, the smiths, and depeche mode. back in the day when i my parents thought i was gay (true story they confirmed it). i met an "older gentlemen" that took my young 14 yr old person and introduced it to punk rock and how it was more suitable to the skateboarding "apparatus" as a whole. i told him i liked my own music, but he quickly turned me to the "dark side" because he had a car and he knew where all the killer curbs and ditches were (if you didnt skate in the 80s you dont know what that means).

anyway, he turned me on to 7 seconds, batallion of saints, and angry samoans. now, one of these bands was clearly a "joke band", but i'm still not quite sure which one.

as i was saying...angry main memory was song dealing with "they saved hitlers cock". and that is the only point of reference i have. i laughed as a youngstr as how ridiculous that song was and how "cool" the band was for referenceing it.

i'm not sure if that song is in fact on this album, becauese i am not going to "download" it, but i have had some drinks this evening and i wanted to tell my story.

good night!

Gray said...

jesus phil, you've really gone off the deep end.
by the way, would you please send me your email address, for some reason i no longer have it. or maybe i never did. it also appears you are no longer participating in facebook, which is probably a good thing, but it means one less way for me to communicate with you.

email me:

Slander Bob said...
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Slander Bob said...
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Slander Bob said...

One of the best punk/ hardcore albums of all time. Saw them last year and they rocked my world. Met Metal Mike, super cool dude.

Here's a pic of us...

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