Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today Is The Day / Metatron - The Descent

Label: This Dark Reign
Year: 2001

Today Is The Day should have been the biggest band in the underground world in the Nineties. They were unreal, both recorded and live. Their DNA spread out across the noise rock, hardcore, and metal underground, but fame proved as elusive to the band as a permanent rhythm section. Of course, that being said, Steve Austin has always surrounded himself with incredible players, maybe they can't put up with his dictatorial style, but they are always surgical in their precision, and the dudes on this recording are no exception. The band throws a kitchen sink of seething riffs and maniacal hatred at it's listeners, and somehow that doesn't seem rude or out of line in the least. In fact, it's a nice gesture coming from Today Is The Day. It's a sort of tip-o-the-hat, or a pleasant nod and wink. Cordial really.
Metatron are produced by Steve Austin, and it certainly bears his penchant for a claustrophobic, attacking, smothering sound. The difference between the bands is that Metatron forgoes the guitar that lends Today Is The Day it's signature sound, and instead opts to go low with the bass and drum duo style. For the most part they keep it slow and sweet, but occasionally ratchet up the tempo and speed up their bludgeoning.
Come for the Today Is The Day, but stay for the Metatron. Good shit all the way around.


proven hollow said...

one of my favorite album covers of all time

thebrokenvow said...

One of my favorite bands(TDITD)

please check...


psychoboy said...

Thanks ! TDITD will make my day happy…

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