Monday, April 19, 2010

McLusky - Demo

Label: was it ever released?
Year: good question

I present this artifact to you, the general public (or representative sub-section thereof who frequent the sketchier neighborhoods of the internet) for two distinct reasons:
a) I really love the band McLusky, and think that if you have stuck around this blog long enough, there's a good chance you love them too.
b) I have no information about this particular piece of McLusky lore. I came across it, all alone, scared, and without any form of identification. Just a rough and tumble little ole demo that needed a bath and a saucer of warm milk. Now she's all cleaned up, fed, and laying across my lap purring. What a sweetpea.

Problem is, I don't know anything about her, where she came from, who she belongs to...nothing. Is anyone out there missing a cute little demo? Can you help me find out any information about her?

I can't offer any reward, but I would certainly appreciate some background. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for this. I only had "who you know" and "evil frankie." i didnt even know about the other 3 songs.

jonderneathica said...

I don't know anything about its history, but I'm very glad you posted it.

Anonymous said...

5 star quality

Mega-leg said...

You sir are correct, Mclusky are awesome! I showed up late to the party (Shame on me!) but whateva. This demo will be a welcome addition to the Mclollection! Also, for those hearing of Mclusky for the fist time, you should check out Future of the Left. The singers new band. Mcklusky-like and very good!

Anonymous said...

R3000 said...

Hey, finding your blog just made my day and upcoming night ! Thank you for all these great posts !

Many greetings,

Ezra said...

thanks a ton, but I know nothing about this.

kittyempire said...

One of the best bands ever. Cheers for this.

appalachian yard art said...

reckon this could get re-posted? thanks

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