Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Days of NIRVANA - Day One (1989 BBC Radio Session)

16 Years. Something like anniversary of the death of a popular musician isn't something I've really reflected on since I was a lot younger and had more free-time on my hands, but I figured since I rarely post here...

I'll post one (officially) unreleased recording session for each day from April 5th-April 8th starting with...

BBC Session (10/26/89)

Love Buzz
About A Girl
Spank Thru



Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

Fifteen years and those depressive kids still wear the life-death dates shirt with the miserable gloomy face on the front. Fuck me, why don't they wear one with him smiling instead.
Deep down they're probably happy he is dead cos it gives them some meaning to argue with non-believers over their pitiful existance.
you don't see them joining Amnesty International in a hurry.

Arseface from Preacher. Now he was the dude!

Welty Buttface said...

Jibba Jabba corncob pipe?

fred said...

I hate the face-shirts altogether. Sure he was a great guy, but why not celebrate the band as a whole.

No matter how much people want to represent NIRVANA as just K. Cobain, I'll always remember the band as 3 (or 4) happy dudes ,contented by their alienation, wandering through their career, generally disconcerted by popular music and doing whatever they feel; the genuine spontaneity and earnestness towards their music and career is what draws me to the band. The ability to control something, your life, your artistic output and take advantage of a system that is inherently designed to work against sincerity and "good people".

Most people don't get it, or don't bother to get it and the band just devolves into something that is eternally "cool" for the youth demographic like and aspire to. People fill in the blanks or just ignore real facts to form some intimate bond that really doesn't exist to give their life greater bearing to the music and some sort of greater significance beyond the underwhelming reality of common shortcomings that are embodied in most adolescents with self-esteem issues.

I don't know man, I hate teenagers.

BrettPJones said...

Thanks for posting these recordings. Very little popular music in the last 15 years has been even remotely as honest as Nirvana was.

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