Saturday, March 27, 2010

soundgarden - Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas

released 1992

the various states of soundgarden have been bandied about a time or two on this blog

and i'm not gonna start that firestorm again...i still can't sit down properly

but i will say this: with the release of BADMOTORFINGER...the band started the trilogy of awesome (followed by SUPERUNKNOWN and DOWN ON THE UPSIDE)

this little gem was released along with a re-released BADMOTORFINGER as a promo for the band's upcoming stint as part of lollapalooza

it's made up of 3 covers and 2 originals (one of them live)

and that's all i have to say about that

DL: somms


Anonymous said...

Holy shit thank you so much! This is a holy grunge grail!

Anonymous said...

This is a new one to me. Thanks

BrettPJones said...

I have been looking for this for years. Only knew one person that ever had this, I made a tape copy which was played daily until it was eaten by player. Thanks!

Ryan Avellanosa said...

the ep's name is a palindrome..try to say it backwards..;-)

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