Monday, March 29, 2010

melvins - houdini x3

released 1993

seriously...if you don't already know of this album...go and sit in the janitor's closet and think about what you've done

no no...just go

and really...if you've never owned this album...

there are no words

but we're just gonna move on past that

now you can make up for all of that by snagging all 3 versions of this business

version 1: the demos...not the entire album...just a few songs

version 2: the actual album

version 3: the entire album played live in an empty warehouse sans audience plus a cover of the cream song "deserted cities of the heart"

DL: houdini: the demos
DL: houdini
DL: a live history of gluttony of lust: houdini live 2005


Anonymous said...

Your crazy (in a very very good way).Thank you

noisebreather said...

where do you come up with this shit? did you used to date Dale Crover or something? Shit.

ipecac said...

i bought dale his very first speedo

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