Saturday, March 20, 2010


Label: Skin Graft
Released 1997

You may have heard this band from the Camp Skin Graft compilation. The vocals don't sound a million miles away from David Yow but that's about as far as the Jesus Lizard comparison goes. It's still noise rock but missing the signature bass guitar of JL. A few songs here gravitate into no-wave territory but on the whole a decent album.



kittyempire said...

I really like this record. I tracked this down a while back (after hearing them on the Camp Skin Graft comp as you suggested). Never really a fan of their other bands (Flying Luttenbachers, Scissor Girls etc.), but this seems like an attempt to record some actual songs in the lo-fi/art punk/no wave vein and it's pretty damn catchy in places. These guys would fit right in with the current wave of lo-fi bands. Too bad it's a one-off, ten years ahead of the curve.

Anonymous said...

I love this record. Is this download the re-issue up with the the live tracks? Could have done with having a few more (there are only four extra songs) but its worth having and hearing.

Mars said...

Love 'em! Got Weasel to send me a video comp of a bunch of live shows - they were awesome live. Weasel will always be remembered as one of the best drummers ever - but I love his guitar playing even more!

For fuck sakes, will you idiots stop using goddamn Jesus Lizard to hype everything? You got Aspergers or something? HAW!

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