Wednesday, March 17, 2010

if'n yer down austin,texass way for the sxsw need to witness this band

do you like potential nudity?

do you like awkward moments?

do you like sweat?

did i just rip of some painful mental scabs and take you back to gym class?

you know these folks are all over SGM like we are the "special" girl at the office party (and speaking of which...who does she belong to?...she just happens to show up all the time around the punch bowl during office parties...not that we're complaining...but she keeps wanting to go into the basement...and we're not prepared to have that sort of talk with if you know her...pull her aside before she figures out how to open the door)

back to my point

if you live in or near have 3 chances to see these folks

and i suggest that you do so

just make sure you have plenty of clean clothes and sanitary wipes close by

1 comment:

Matt Anderson said...

how was the bridge show? those tend to be nothing short of terrible, usually.

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