Monday, March 8, 2010

fix: a film about ministry

this is getting released this summer

i have to tell you...when i'd heard rumors of a documentary on ministry...i got a little bit excited

and now it's a reality

and even though some of you think that the band should've called it a day after the FILTH PIG album (and yes...i am now one of those people...originally thinking that PSALM 69 should've been the place to go out) jourgensen lived the life we all wished we could

fix: a film about ministry


cdb said...

Very excited about this. Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker both have some good stuff on them, even if it's all a retread after Filth Pig. Animositisomina or what the fuck ever that one is called is the only complete clunker in the bunch, imo.

White Goodman said...

I'm both frightened and excited to see this.

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