Thursday, March 4, 2010

Faith No More Bootleg - Live In Amsterdam 1988

Here's a live Faith No More bootleg from 1988 of a show they played in Amsterdam at Paradiso Club. Ah, the early days of Faith No More in all their greasy glory... back when Epic didn't exist and Mike Patton wasn't yet in the picture... Those were the days... (All this nostalgia brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?).
Anyways, this is an FM broadcast and is kind of a gritty recording but is still worth listening to. And to elaborate on my previous comment, Patton joined FNM in November of '88 and this recording is from February of '88 so Mosley is on vocals here.

1. Introduce Yourself
2. R N R
3. We Care A Lot
4. Life Is A Gas
5. Spirit
6. Mark Bowen
7. Anne's Song
8. War Pigs (Partial)


Anonymous said...

Got any Hosemobile?? Cuneform records. I think.

Stephen said...

the mosley days were good. the patton days were/are infinitely better.

ipecac said...

chuck mosley always reminds me of a surfer with a cold

Anonymous said...

I guess Hosemobile is a no. Well you should check them out (All Music Guide) they definitely belong here. Saw them open for Shellac in Cookeville TN. Kick ass show. (of course)

Anonymous said...

Looks like this link died, but I believe this is the same show:

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