Sunday, February 21, 2010

quicksand - slip

released 1993 many of you saw this coming?

did you follow the line here?

and some of you may be saying to yourself "why has it taken this long for this album to get put here?"

well...maybe this album would've been too obvious of a choice to get put here

maybe we're slipping

besides...i think i apologized enough here for the previous lack of SLIP

and to paraphrase myself a wee bit...i don't think i need to go into who this band is/was...and i'm pretty sure that most of you would agree that this is one of the best albums ever made


(and some of you may have noticed...the song "lie and wait" wasn't there for some reason...i've had a talk with it...and it's decided to let itself be included)

DL: slip
(link fixed)


Bronson said...

according to, i listened to this record 255 times last year.
2nd the motion: one of the best records ever.
i think the review in SPIN when this was released was "OMG, Fugazi sold out!"

flo said...

I was almost positive you'd already posted this, heh, guess not. Amazing record.

proven hollow said...

i'll be honest, i was dissapointed when this came out. i loved the 7" so damn much. and when i rushed out to buy this the morning it came out, i sat in my car and thought "oh man, this sounds like jane's addiction or something." haha. seriously i think it took me years to fully "get into it." it just lacked the "punch" of the 7" i thought. was too "smoothed out" or produced for me. anyway, i eventually came around.

Tanners666 said...

Amazing album - however "Lie & Wait" is missing off this rip.

Asa said...

One of the best records, ever. Love the riffs, songwriting...everything, really. PASS THE SALT, POUR IT IN MY WOUNDS!

luciferyellow said...

What Proven Hollow and Asa said.

dgen said...

haha i was chuckling reading the fugazi statement, because I remember when this cassette came out I bought it because on the front it said something about if helmet and fugazi got together, this is what it would sound like.. awesome album


kittyempire said...

Handsome, Quicksand... HELMET. You know it makes sense. If you're allowing the 'obvious' stuff, surely Helmet's next? For whatever reason, Helmet and Quicksand always get mentioned in the same breath, even though they really don't sound that much alike. Both great bands though!

julius orange said...

weird, i absolutely love this album. can't find a damn thing wrong with it at all.

but i felt the exact same way about manic compression as proven hollow did about this album.

James Nihil said...

THE best example of songwriting EVER. A perfect album.

world's greatest DAD said...

i'ma go out on a limb here and say that Manic Compression has some really great songs and that if you can get past the really fast first couple of songs that there are real gems on there. and then eventually i learned to like the fast songs too. it's clearly not as strong as SLIP, which as everyone seems to agree is absolutely awesome. but it's still a good rocker.

Mr. The Whitenoise said...

Indeed, perfect record. I got it when it came out, and I still listen to it a couple of times a week. Awesome post.

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