Thursday, February 18, 2010


Label: Jackass
Released 1992

Debut release from UK band Oil Seed Rape. As you will hear the bands main weapon of choice is the good old drum machine which is prominent with this E.P. Not surprisingly then the band got compared to Big Black mixed in with some Godflesh and perhaps some Swans. After this release the band would only go on to produce a 6 track LP and a final single (I think).



Peter Tron said...


i do have their last[?] 7" released on Jackass from '94 called ]Parker Knoll'. They actually ditch the drum machine for this, and the tracks do sound less 'industrial' and more slint/rodan-like?

I could send you the link over the weekend?


Bronson said...

i had this EP 10yrs ago & it somehow liberated itself.

FYI moment: Canola = Rape Seed Oil

Lionel said...

very good discovery!!!!

Anonymous said...

holy shit! thanks so much for this, i had it, gave it a loan to somebody and i never got it back. now for some HEADCLEANER !!! ahem ahem

julius orange said...

wow, blast from the past. i used to play this on my college radio show all the time. forgot about it though. thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

ifi remember correctly the inlay had a picture of a coathanger with the slogan "this is not s surgical instrument"? .. def tshirt slogan material

zokuchou said...

Hi Baz. I do actually have the single, but thanks anyway.

Lionel said...

nobody have more to send!!!
thanks by advance

Judge Onions said...

i have the lp 'Six Steps To Womanhood', which aint as good as 'Paid'. I remember writing to them once, got a very nice letter back, they acknowledged the Albini / Big Black comparisons but also told me to go listen to some Don Caballero. Thats some good advice.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload this release

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