Thursday, February 4, 2010


Label: Skin Graft
Released 1998

Completing the menage-a-trois of Mount Shasta albums (and by request) the final installment from the band. I think the other guys have waxed lyrical about this band enough and it's time for my afternoon nap.



Mega-leg said...

SAH-weeet! Thank you!

James Joyce said...

I bought this a Wuxtry Records in Atlanta right when it came out. It was on their display rack, and I was right in the middle of my Skin Graft phase, so it was one of those perfect record store finds. When I got home and listened to it, it reminded me of Blues Explosion or some kind of weird garage rock, not the chaos and insanity of their previous releases or the Shakuhachi Surprise album, but still great.

After this, John Forbes started Tijuana Bible/Tijuana Hercules, who I saw open for Red Crayola, but was disappointed after such a great previous run (Dirt, Phantom 309, Mount Shasta). There needs to be a Skin Graft fest along the lines of the Touch and Go fest, where all these bands would play. I would be right there for that one.

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