Sunday, February 7, 2010


Label: Outside Society Productions
Released 1996

Sweden's answer to Unsane/Hammerhead. Nothing more to be said.



Earweed said...

thank you for this!

keep it up!

Kärringen said...

Excellent band! A bit of a supergroup of the Stockholm rock scene - the guitarist from Entombed/Disfear, the bass player from Backyard Babies and the drummer from A-Bombs.

The second album is even better.

Gray said...

Did I forget to name-check Zokuchou in my list of Blog Hall Of Famers a couple days ago? I did, didn't I?

Well, my apologies, because my man is on fire, and constantly finds lost gems like this one, just when you think you'll never get to hear them.

Thanks, and please accept my apologies for leaving you of the list earlier.

Mega-leg said...

This is great! Didn't even know a dude from Entombed did this project! You should put up "Slave Me" too if you have it.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay youmy bollocks if you put up the next album from these "chingones" -Slave Me-.Killer Blog.
Muchas Gracias

pinto said...

You weren't kidding about the Unsane comparisons. There were a couple of songs where I swear I was listening to Unsane. Good stuff!

zokuchou said...

In time my friends - I have a few things to post before then. And Gray, no worries as I've discovered lots of new things here myself.

eraser said...


Severe Abomination said...

A real shame it was so underrated when was released, currently it's a die hard collector item... I know only 300 copies were sold!!!!

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