Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crain - Heater

Label: Automatic Wreckords
Year: 1994

This fills a very recent request, that I just so happen to see as I was preparing to make my evening post (not entirely different from my morning b.m. mind you), and thought, "why not Crain?". Sure. Why not Crain indeed.
I'm frankly surprised that this one wasn't already floating around on this website before, but after a cursory check, it doesn't appear to be in the archives, so let's remedy that.
I think you will find this record particularly enjoyable if you tend to like both your math rock and your post-hardcore (of the D.C. influenced variety that is). Not unlike other Louisville bands of the age (and before), Crain took the loud/quiet dynamics and stuttering tempos of math rock and married that the vein-bulging sincerity and passion of the Revolution Summer bands. Not a bad idea of course, and the results certainly speak for themselves.
Great, great record.
If it helps, or in case you're interested, the members of Crain were, are, or always will be in; Rodan, Endpoint (did someone say "In A Time Of Hate"?), Shipping News, The For Carnation, Dead Child, Parlour, Cerebellum, Able To Act, Matmos, The Soft Pink, Disc, and The Grand Prize. So that's pretty alright, huh?


JB said...

Thank you.

Buttcakefred said...


James Joyce said...

Back when this came out, everyone thought it paled in comparison to the Speed LP and their singles, but after listening to it in the modern era, it is still a great record. I'm not sure if it's better than Speed, but it's better than anything I've done at least.

supercruel said...

Much appreciated!!! Crain always seemed to be highly underated back in the day but were always a must have in my collection and in my ears. One small request does anyone know where I could find Kepones skin album? or the 295 single?

avere said...

Awesome album, glad I picked up the LP way back when.

Any chance for a re-up on this?

bbrg said...

In light of Jon Cook's recent passing, any chance for a re-up?

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