Monday, January 25, 2010

voodoo gearshift - glue goat

released 1992

this was a band that i had first come across via the radio while living in iowa during the early 90's

they had started out in iowa city,ia...and then made the move to seattle,wa as any band of that time period not already from seattle seemed to do

so you can pretty much guess what they sounded like (i refer to them in the past tense because they split up back in 1997)...but i'll throw out 2 band names: mudhoney and soundgarden

just go with it

DL: glue goat


Anonymous said...

Nice post, I have this on vinyl somewhere. I live in Iowa City now and remember the guys from Voodoo Gearshift quite well. They actually lived in a house behind my apartment building. And I ended up keeping one of there cats when the made the big trek to Seattle. Sidenote, they were so loud they actually made my friend puke.

Lokki said...

The link is dead. :/

Jeric Lester Ventura said...

Can I request a re upload?

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