Saturday, January 9, 2010

v/a - we will bury you: a tribute to killdozer

released 2006

i'm assuming that you went on ahead and picked up that dazzling killmen tribute a few spaces down...and now i'm just gonna do the same about this as well

you already know who killdozer are as they're mentioned all over this blog

but for the 1 or 2 of you that don't...the short version: band forms in madison,wi back in 1983...splits up in 1996 (but did a mini reunion tour back in the fall of 2008)...and in between they cranked out something akin to bands such as scratch acid (the band actually released 7" named after david yow back in 1989)...butthole surfers...big black...actually...let's just say that they could hold their own amongst the other "pigfuck" bands...and are considered the first grunge band by some folks

still with me?

and now everything brings us to this...a tribute

and seeing as how none of you are paying tribute to the band (as with the dazzling killmen)...these folks have taken it upon themselves to do it


disc 1:
1 - killdozer - disco inferno*
2 - red max - king of sex
3 - powerwagon - piledriver
4 - cash money - lupus
5 - kung pao - space:1999
6 - mt. shasta - knuckles the dog
7 - season to risk - cotton bolls
8 - scrid - porky's dad
9 - the ed gein fan club - ed gein**
10 - leopold - enemy of the people
11 - elvis '77 - big song of hell
12 - ninja school - hot 'n' tot
13 - haze xxl - going to the beach
14 - meatjack - new pants and shirt

disc 2:
1 - killdozer - king of sex (butch vig remix)*
2 - ed gein - brainerd
3 - wendy buggati - a man's gotta be a man to be a man
4 - no moss - hamburger martyr
5 - jj paradise players club - cotton bolls
6 - gorch fok - free love in amsterdam
7 - corruption is king - final market
8 - droids attack - the pig was cool
9 - rocket fuel is the key - working hard,or hardly working?
10 - hunchback - a mother has a hard road
11 - if i had a hi-fi - the buzzard
12 - speedloader - daddy's boy
13 - skintones - the nobbies
14 - echo-static - cannonball run III: revenge of the dumbass!

*=previously unreleased
**=featuring haze xxl's tom hazlemyer

DL: disc 1
DL: disc 2


yaledelay said...

Hey I am on that thing!

Rom said...

Thanks for it. Killdozers were very good songwriters, you can hear it on this record. Even a mediocre band can do something with their songs. It's different than with Dazzling Killmen songs. Without Dazzling Killmen they aren't impressing.

yale said...

Yeah my Mediocre band covered "the Buzzard" not my favorite KD song but hey we were pulled into this thing late, we just tried to make it our own, I mean what are you going to do? out sludge/menace the dozer?

dOOmGrinder said...

Please can you re-upp? Links are down! THX

Anonymous said...

thanks for the 'dozer tribute, but the links are dead..
would be great if you could repost them..
saw the 'dozer twice in sydney..
were awesome..

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