Saturday, January 9, 2010

v/a - digging out the switch again: a tribute to the dazzling killmen

released 2002

you all know who the dazzling killmen are,yeah?

if need to hunt down their album FACE OF COLLAPSE like yesterday (is it on the blog?'ll just have to find out for yourself,kid)

you know that whole math rock thing that sprang up in the midwest during the late 1980's?...these boys from st.louis,mo kicked everything up a notch (though they'd fall under the heading of math rock's burlier old brother that goes by the name of mathcore along with bands like slint/don caballero...and later influencing bands like the dillinger escape plan/coalesce/converge)

and when they they split up back in 1995...members went onto play in bands such as colossamite/sicbay/brise-glace

you like the band
some bands like the band

but i don't see you releasing a tribute to the band...

1 - fine china superbone - bone fragments
2 - the ed kemper trio - windshear
3 - el daetro - painless one
4 - chris trull & danny mclain - killing fever
5 - the conformists - torture
6 - the real chad - reactor
7 - panicsville - serpentarium
8 - rotard - staring contest
9 - gezoleen - code blue
10 - craw - my lacerations

DL: digging out the switch again

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The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I'm familiar with maybe three of the bands on here, but I'll bite. Cheers!

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