Monday, January 25, 2010

today is the day - temple of the morning star

released 1997

i was sitting on a hospital bed in the ER a few weeks ago and the thought "you know...i should put today is the day's TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR album on the blog" came into my head

and as you can see...i was quick in getting it here

i remember listening to this album back in the day and thinking (and still do) that it's one of the most pissed off things i'd ever heard

and of course i ordered the band's t-shirt with the album cover on it...which got me all kinds of looks when i'd wear it around town (and i still plan on getting it tattooed somewhere on my body because i'm a rebel like that)

take the kittens BAZOOKA AND THE HUSTLER album...any big black album...any unsane album...the dazzling killmen FACE OF COLLAPSE album...and shove them all into an empty paint can...weld it closed...shake it up and throw it into a crowded room

where was i going with that analogy?...i don't rightly know

but you get my drift

DL: temple of the morning star
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