Monday, January 4, 2010

son of crackpipe - The Benevolence Of Dogs And Other Evolutionary Accidents

released 1995

someone had asked about this awhile back when i'd posted a few fudge tunnel albums

and here it is

it's kind a mystery as to who this band is/was...but i have a sneaking suspicion that it's just fudge tunnel and/or alex newport being all kooky wacky and showing that someone has a soft spot for big black

the band's albums are kind of hard to come by...they've only released this and a 10" called MARY POPPINS (both in the same year)

and now you're halfway there,folks

DL: son of crackpipe


Jackmort said...


I love Fudge Tunnel and have been wanting to hear this shit for years!

ipecac said...

fudge tunnel...


you're a funny guy

we like your ilk around here

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Fudge Tunnel fan but didn't know about this. Thanks for posting, awesome blog.

James Nihil said...

The other guy is Tom Reardon of Hillbilly Devilspeak.

Anonymous said...

i don't suppose anyone has the Mary Poppins EP do they?

all my noisy love, bezza

Senza Testa said...

Oh shit, like all I'm a big big fan of Fudge Tunnel. Recent I heard de unique song on youtube of Son Of Crackpipe and I just want more! Please, if you can put again the album on the web I'll be grateful.

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