Saturday, January 2, 2010

King Snake Roost - Things That Play Themselves

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

Seeing a Soundgarden video provided by our own Ipecac, reminded me that; a) Soundgarden used to be unstoppable b) bands should "rock" more than they currently allow themselves to do.
I mean, what's wrong with taking your shirt off and ripping off a couple sikk shredding leads? Nothing. Unless you look like me I suppose, then it's advisable to keep clothed at all times. Also, my leads are neither "shredding" nor "sikk".
Anywho, King Snake Roost takes me back to that special place when bands rocked a certain way, that in turn rocked me in a certain way.
I'm not really comparing Soundgarden and King Snake Roost, because except for a similar bass tone, and some murky sludge, King Snake Roost has more in common with Cows and Crows than Soundgarden. But, that being said, if you like old Soundgarden, you will probably like this too.

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jonderneathica said...

I wonder if the Soundgarden reunion will be any good.

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