Thursday, January 14, 2010


RIP Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr.

Life's too weird man. Rock stars are supposed to die of drug overdoses or high speed car crashes, not falling down lifts or dying in your sleep! Just found out about this today so I thought I would post his album from 2006 which I only discovered in 2008, but certainly became the most played album while travelling around that year. Keep rocking out dude, and be sure to hi-five Satan for me as you surf the lake of fire (as of course, Rock'n'Roll is the devils music!).



cynical australian said...

i'm pretty sure when it's all said and done, jay's death will be attributed to drugs. no-one dies in their "sleep" at 29.

julius orange said...

without a doubt one of my favorite albums of all time.

e normous said...

thank you. pretty decent stuff.

zokuchou said...

yeah, probably a naïve statement but a killer album and a great gig last year too.

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