Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low

Label : Fist Puppet
Released : 1991

 One of my favorite records of 1991. Heavy, noisy, and bluesy stooge like rock n roll. A supergroup, if you will featuring Jon Spencer(Pussy Galore, Boss Hogg, JSBX), Russell Simins (JSBX, Crunt), Jerry Teel (Chrome Cranks, Boss Hogg), and I'm not sure what other bands that bassist Lisa Wells played with. The guitars on this recording sound like they were amplified through dumpsters, giving them a heavy spacious growl. Dig into this one. - Slander Bob


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RC said...

reissue of the JSBX catalog and tour in 2010 ... wish they'd reish these albums.

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