Monday, January 11, 2010

helmet - wilma's rainbow

released 1994

seeing as how grAy posted the UNSUNG 7"...i present you all with this little gem

there were 2 versions of this released: this version was released for a tour they did in australia during 1994 (the other was just a plain 'ol ep released in europe...but included 2 more songs...though both versions include some live material recorded from the same show)

1 - wilma's rainbow
2 - sinatra*
3 - fbla II*
4 - tic*
5 - just another victim*

*=recorded 7.30.94 - olympic auditorium - los angeles,ca

DL: wilma's rainbow


1009 said...

Always thought, and still think, that *Betty* is Helmet's best. They could be a bit of a one-trick pony, but that album gets some weird stuff going on.

Mr. Floppy said...

FYI: The 2nd version of the EP includes a live version of In The Meantime from the show mentioned in the post and the studio version of Sam Hell. Enough smartassery for today.

ipecac said...

mr. floppy getting all hard on SGM

Anonymous said...

The "Betty" 10" AmRep released has some great alternate tracks. It's probably on here somewheres, but that search field is so far away...Thanks for the post.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I LOVE DUDEROCK Helmet, Evan Dando, Lemonheads, Mr. T blog Erich at Good Bad sent me...just got SWA too!! Gotta spend some time here..thanks.

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