Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daisy Chainsaw - Hope Your Dreams Come True

Label: One Little Indian
Year: 1992

First off, this particular version of this release is an anomaly. It is neither the original 12" version from Deva Records, nor the maxi-cd (remember those?) released by One Little Indian. Instead it was labeled as "US promo cdep", with no record label. So, your guess is as good as mine.
Musically, I had forgotten what this band sounded like, but was under the impression it was kind of a Babes In Toyland type racket. And while that vibe is present on to songs, the other two have a much lazier, hazier, goth-inspired, 4ad type English steez.
Not really my thing, not really my thing at all, but I figured that some folks who frequent this ghetto of a website might remember this band, or like them, or what have you.
If you like it, yay! If you hate it, boo!
I apologize readers...I didn't try very hard on this one. I'll do better next time.



ipecac said...

grAy,my friend,this is just my thing

i've been trying to hunt this down for quite a many years...and thought i'd lost sight of it forever as it boarded that train out of vegas and pulled out of my sight

thank you,mang

RC said...

these guys/gal were great live. Eleventeen is a solid record. Whatever happened to the crazy caterwauling lead singer chick I wonder.

ipecac said...

she now fronts a band called queen adreena

guitarist crispin gray is also in the band

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