Friday, January 29, 2010

Buzzov-en - Violence From The Vault

Label: Relapse
Released: 2010

Here it is, in all its shitty sounding glory. Masturd from a cassette and obviously put out to cash in on one of the founders of heavy dirge metal punk (whom I toured with for two mini-tours in the early 90's). While we are on the subject, anybody here have a copy of the Buzzov-en / God And Texas split?

If you like it, Buy it!


Employee said...

"Masturd" is an understatement

convertido said...

Thanks for this one. I've not listened to them much over the years. They were still part of the best show I saw during '93, Eye Hate God with Buzzoven opening.

Gray said...

All right, I'll bite, what band were you in that toured with Buzzov-en?

I used to have the Sewer Puppet demo, but have long since lost it. I bought it when they played with Neurosis in Winston-Salem, I'd say circa 1987 or 1988, but I could be wrong. Sewer Puppet killed it, and consequently when they regrouped as Buzzov-en they continued killing it over and over again. They are a hard band to top, both on record and on stage.

There was a guy trying to put out a Sewer Puppet record as of last year, but I lost touch with him and have no clue how that project is going either.

Hail Buzzov-en!

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