Monday, December 14, 2009

Tar - Over And Out

Label: Touch And Go
Year: 1995

The final will and testament of the late great and much lamented Tar. As with their entire canon, it is impeccably performed and recorded, restrained when necessary, bombastic when warranted. An understated masterwork.
This record touches on all the different sounds that made up Tar, from the earlier post hardcore rumblings, through the noise rock attack, into the grungy pop darkness, and finally the refined math rock. It's not that simple of course, as Tar never seemed to be, but, if you ever liked what they had done before, this record pulls it all together in a nice neat bow.


panzan said...

I have a copy of the final TAR show - Lounge Ax, Chicago, Thanksgiving weekend, 1995. Anyone interested?

youngbroose said...

Absolutely. I would love to hear that.

blessedhands said...

sure man. im totally interested.

polk said...

hell yes, count me in. as a lifelong touch & go fan i have a lot of tar on vinyl, all of it coveted. i've listened to a lot of rock, noise and the like, and always come back to tar.

recently i found tar's 'teetering' 7" in a record store near where i live. what a single. had forgotten how good that one was.

i think the 'clincher' 12" is my favorite. i had a friend who used to marvel at how badass that record was when he would listen to it on my stereo speakers.

once some chums and i saw tar open for the jesus lizard in cleveland (that 'jesus lizard mit tar' tour) and my buddy asked one of the guitarists for tar why they used those odd-looking metal-plated guitars, and the reply was "because they sound louder". nice. i think that sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanx so much, i needed this!!! Amen.

Unknown said...

This is a solid record. Has three or four really killer tunes. The recording is nice and crisp and I think best represents the Tar sound.

Unknown said...

Hey man, could you please repost this album? The mediafire link is not working. Thanks.

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