Friday, December 18, 2009

Seaweed - Seaweed ep

Year: 1990
Label: Tupelo Recording Company

When I left my hometown to attend college, I was pretty much balls deep into hardcore. I had the band t-shirts, the cut-off camo shorts, the fanzine collection, and the condescending attitude to prove it.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I had bummed a ride halfway home to Charlotte where my buddy Rob and is girlfriend were going to pick me up to go home to play a show (with Avail no doubt). I get into Kris' car, and we're talking about some shit or another, and I ask, "have you guys ever heard this band Seaweed?". They looked at each other, started laughing, and then made fun of me for "going to college and getting soft", or something to that effect.  
The funny thing was, I knew exactly what they meant, Seaweed dared to infuse their punk with melody, and had nary a mosh part in sight. Maybe I was getting weak. Was college really where I needed to be? Was it hurting my hardcore bona fides? Shit.
In retrospect that exchange is pretty ridiculous for a few different reasons, the most of which being the obvious resistance to change we all had, but also because Seaweed really weren't all that different than the other bands I had been listening to. They were loud, and brash, and sloppy, but just the simple fact that they snuck those catchy melodies into the songs...well, that was enough...I as a pussy. 
Rob also hated my affinity for Archers of Loaf, but that's a different story. Oh, and he was also fucking my girlfriend at the time, which was pretty uncool, but...what are you gonna do? 
This 12" collects the first 3 7"s the band released.


Anonymous said...

the mosh pits for Seaweed here in Seattle were fantastic. Kudos on the great post

PETE said...

'Balls deep into hardcore' LOLZ

ipecac said...

you've obviously never seen any of grAy's films....

RC said...

V0 VBR link (mine) ....

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