Friday, December 11, 2009

monster voodoo machine - suffersystem

released 1994

i was listening to ministry and i got to thinking "you know...there isn't enough of this band on the blog"

then i went through the back issues of SGM to see what had been posted by the band

and in the comments section of the skatenigs album STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BREED (al jourgensen produced the album) of the blog's multiple anonymous posters mentioned this band...and then i thought "hey...i have an album by them"

so rather than post a ministry get this

some of you may remember them...some of you might not remember them

i remember picking this up out of a used bin back when it had come out (i think i picked it up because of the album's may recognize seeing some of the artist's other work on random old school metallica stuff...and i think i may have heard the song "fetal position" on some sampler that came in a magazine)

but you don't need my history with the band/album

this was canada's answer to ministry and later white zombie (actually...i guess they could still be canada's answer to both bands as they got back together in 2007 after splitting up back in 1998 and are supposedly working on a new album)

and i'm also going to provide you with a video of the band covering the quicksand song "thorn in my side" live

so hopefully by you seeing the words "cananda" and "ministry" and "white zombie" and "quicksand cover" you've made up your mind and are gonna give this a little action

DL: suffersystem


Anonymous said...

hey please the direct reaction great album the monster voodoo machine too!!!thanks

Evan said...

Thanks a bunch for putting this up, i have not heard it for years. I believe the art may have been by Pusshead, thats what it looks like.

shaun citrus said...

These guys were so good live! I remember at one show i booked for them in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada they covered "Screaming For Change" by Uniform Choice. They did a good job of it actually.

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