Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Melvins - Tanks - Peel Session 03.10.91

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

The classic line-up of Buzz, Dale, and Shirley Temple's daughter, doing it in classic Melvins style, slow and low, for the classic John Peel.
'Nuff said, yes?
Alright...four songs, including the rare Clown Alley cover "Theme", and an added bonus (not on the original 7" bootleg) Flipper cover "Way Of The World", with bits of Mr. Peel's dialogue interspersed. 
Honestly, that's 'nuff said now. 


1009 said...

T(h)anks a lot. I feel like Lorax always takes a lot of shit, but her bass playing at this point in the Melvins' career makes perfect sense. Thud thud thud. The chronology confuses me sometimes though: was it Joe Preston, then Lorax, then Bill Bartel, or did Joe do two tenures of duty? Or did Lorax?

fred said...

dude. YES. I fucking love you.

Anonymous said...

according to Rokko's Adventures: Melvins special the history of Melvins' bassists is like this: Matt Lukin, Lorax, Joe Preston, Lorax, Mark "D" Deutrom, Kevin Rutmanis, David Scott Stone, Trevor Dunn and finally Jared Warren

1009 said...

Thanks, Anon. Coulda sworn Bill Bartel was in there somewhere. But then there's at least one other guy (the Boner records dude) who I don't see on that list, so i guess that's just the real full-time members.

zokuchou said...

For those who've not seen this yet there is a great interview with Buzz over at

Anonymous said...

The official Melvins Bassist Morgue at their site is as follows:

Matt Lukin

Lori Black (Lorax)

Joe Preston

Dave Sahijdak

Mark Deutrom

Kevin Rutmanis

David Scott Stone

Trevor Dunn

Billy Anderson

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