Saturday, December 19, 2009

the jesus lizard - 11.6.09 - variety playhouse - atlanta,ga

this was the 29th show on their reunion tour

their 927th show overall

hopefully you were one of the few dozen or so folks that managed to catch them this time around as it could very well be the last

and seeing as how the boys are givers and such...they're giving you yet another chance to do so this coming new years eve at the metro in chicago (you'd better get your tickets now...the previous 2 shows they played last month back to back at the metro sold out quickly)

but enough with the words

1 - puss
2 - gladiator
3 - seasick
4 - kill mchaan
5 - glamorous
6 - mouth breather
7 - dancing naked ladies
8 - thumper
9 - my own urine
10 - destroy before reading
11 - monkey trick
12 - boilermaker
13 - blue shot
14 - chrome
15 - 7 vs 8
16 - then comes dudley
17 - bloody mary
18 - thumbscrews
19 - fly on the wall
20 - wheelchair epidemic
21 - nub
22 - if you had lips
23 - blockbuster

DL: the jesus lizard@variety playhouse
(link fixed)

"then comes dudley" from this very show


Anonymous said...

Tracks 20 + 22 are corrupt, can you fix, Thanks, Grant

proven hollow said...

never heard of this band before, they good?

ipecac said...

well proven hollow...if you like bands such as the carpenters or the captain and tennille or NATURAL WONDER-era stevie'll be sure to absolutely love you some jesus lizard

proven hollow said...

you sunk my battleship

Trey said...

Caught them at the Sonar here in Baltimore. FUCKING AWESOME SHOW. They've still got it.

WilliamFlipper said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you put this up again, please

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